Andi suggested that I list all the family e-mail addresses in this site. So here it is... a directory of e-mail addresses so the family can e-mail each other. I will only list e-mail addresses by request. Send your requests by e-mail (of course) to Remember anyone with internet access can see this site. So if you want to remain anonymous, thatís fine!  You will notice that there are some family members who are not listed.  They either chose to remain anonymous or have not yet sent me an e-mail address.

Just click on the name below to send e-mail.  If you find that the e-mail address is incorrect, send me an e-mail and I will update this site.

If Greg posted pictures on his site, I copied them on this page.  If you currently do not have your picture on this page and you would like your picture next to your e-mail address, let me know.  I will scan it onto this site!

Nat's family:                  Nat     Iris   Michele   Robyn    Samantha   Darren

Shelly's family:              Shelly   Marty    Jason     Melissa

Seymour's family:          Seymour     Gail     Greg     Greg's website   Paul

Elliot's family:                Elliot     Iris     Andi     Danny     Mike

Gary's family:                Gary     Jacky     Ian



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